Happy Bithday Bob!!

I’ve always thought that Rock & Roll is much more than a kind of music, rather an attitude and a way of life, of course very marked by this music. Well, thinking about rock manners and attitude, no one better than Robert Mitchum to represent it. Bob, as his friends called him, only recorded two songs framed in genre, but his image and his life are pure Rock & Roll, Bob included these two songs in the soundtrack of his film “Thunder Road”, a very personal project of Bob In addition to playing the protagonist, Bob was a producer, and was involved in the script. Bob thought that the movie should be co-starring Elvis, who would play Mitchum’s brother. Elvis and Bob got together, Elvis became crazy with the project, being able to act alongside his idol in a role tailored to his needs, serious and dramatic, was the best they had proposed to him until then, the two artists hit it off very well, they talked about Music, cinema and other common interests, Elvis confessed to Bob that he had been inspired by his hairstyle, to build his image and that he was one of his favorite actors, everything went smoothly, they agreed to meet again and specify all the details of the project, there wasn’t a single one but, on the part of Elvis, he wanted to make the film yes or yes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that, Elvis’s manager ruined the project, asked for amounts of money that he knew a modest production like this would not pay, so that they would discard it completely. Mitchum explains in his memoirs that, if it had been up to Elvis, he would have worked for a dollar. The movie was shot with Mitchum’s son, James, in the role that was intended for Elvis. Mitchum had written the main theme of the film, perhaps if Elvis had interpreted it today we would know this song in Elvis’s voice, although this is the least sad thing to me, because the song in Robert Mitchum’s voice is wonderful.

Juanmy “The Hunter”

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