The connection between Ray Campi Ronnie Weiser and Nikki & the Corverttes

Rock & Roll from the 50’s has always been part of Nikki Corvette’s repertoire throughout his career, combined with styles such as Punk Rock or Power Pop. Nikki has always declared himself a fan of Wanda Jackson and Rockabilly in general. Nikki & The Corvettes’ debut single, for Bomp Records in 1979, was a Rockabilly single. The theme chosen for side A was “Honey Bop!”, A version of a song by Wanda Jackson from 1958, recorded on Capitol Records. Side B is occupied by the song “Shake It Up”, composed by the band, this song is totally different from how it will later appear in the group’s first LP, in the single the song is classic Rockabilly, with Rip’s great piano Master very present in the subject, the Lp version is still a very good Rock & Roll song, but it is devoid of double bass and piano in addition to having a production more in line with the New Wave sound of the time. The band that accompanies Nikki and her two Corvettes, in this first single, is composed of Peter James on guitar, who will become producer of the Lp of Nikki & The Corvettes that will appear in 1980, Ray Campi on double bass, Rip Master on piano and Jim “Poppa” Durbin on drums, the rhythm section of Ray Campi’s Rockabilly Rebels. As if this weren’t enough Rockin ‘Ronnie Weiser produces the single, which although it belongs to the Bomp label, sounds like Rollin’ Rock on all sides. No fan of the Rollin ‘Rock sound will be disappointed with this single.

Juanmy “The Hunter”

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