Greg Townson – Just Name It (7 songs that will make your quarantine more bearable)

At Poison Ivy Lovers we feel great admiration for Greg Townson, or Gregorio El Grande, as many fans know him around here, and all his projects, we already dedicated a post to his pre-Hi Risers stage, commenting on his work with The Salamanders. For all this at Poison Ivy Lovers we are in luck, Greg has just published, on his bandcamp, «Just Name It». Seven optimistic Pop songs in their purest form, sounds that are greatly appreciated during these difficult days. In this small collection of songs we find musical references that we personally love, when we listen to it names like The Skeletons, The Monkees, Tommy James & The Shondells, NRBQ, Nick Lowe, Buddy Holly or Bobby Fuller come to mind, echoes of the best pop from the 60’s and 50’s Rock & Roll. All the songs have careful arrangements, apparently simple, but do not be fooled, as I say only in appearance. Crystal clear guitars and just perfect voices, wonderful melodies that hook you from the first listen, special mention for the piano of “If You’re Not In Love”, which exudes elegance. . In this new work, Greg shows us his most pop side, leaving aside his most rock-and-roll streak, with the exception of «We Tied One On», the most rockin ‘of the seven that could belong to the repertoire of The Hi Risers. In short, a job done with a lot of affection, which is transmitted to the listener from the first second, a small wonder that knows us little, hopefully it will be expanded in some new job in physical format, for the moment it can be downloaded in your bandcamp , for the modic price of $ 10 (€ 9). Bandcamp is giving 100% of the profit to the musicians, it is a good time to scratch our pockets a little and help them a little in these difficult times.
They have collaborated in this recording:

John DeAngelis co-produced the record and co-wrote It’s Good To Be Alive and My Telescope.

Allyson Bice co-wrote Square One and Just Name It.

Nick Crews co-wrote We Tied One On.

Todd Bradley played bass & drums on It’s Good To Be Alive

PK Hanna played piano on If You’re Not In Love.

Alison Coté designed the cover.

Gary Hobish mastered the record.

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