The Grizzly Family – Rockabilly of the mountains

Grizzly Family is the rockabilly band where the 4 Casas brothers are active. Those of us who are old enough, remember them for being members of Los Mescaleros, one of the best French Garage bands of their time that played a lot in Spain. In the early 80’s 3 of the brothers’ Casas and Mickey Big Claws Pujol, had previously had a rockabilly band called Boze Fighters, but in 1984 they split up. JP, Alán, Jorge and the fourth brother, Tonio, founded Los Mescaleros. Mickey left with The Happy Drivers, another well-known band in our country. Later, Jorge left Los Mescaleros to go with The Wakes. In 1993 Alan, Jorge and JP want to return to their musical beginnings, they reconnect with their old friend Mickey and the singer Yoze Kuervo, the new group will be called The Grizzly Family. A few years later, Nono Jurado Will join the group, which will become a sextet. The group claims artists such as Hank Williams, Johnny Burnette, Ronnie Self, Chuck berry, Hasil Adkins, Don Woody, Jack Scott, and other dark characters from the music of the 50’s, but they don’t only feed on versions, which by the way it gives them a personality and a strength that distances them from the originals with very brilliant results, but they also make up a large part of their material, and from here we attest that their songs are very good. The band is still active and in Good health today. His latest reference is the 2017 cd “Going To The Rockabilly Hop!” for the Calavera Records label.

Incomprehensibly, we have never seen them playing at any Spanish festival, even when it’s one of the best musical proposals of it’s kind that our neighbouring country can offer. Hopefully some promoter Will echo, and we can see them around here very soon.

Contrabajo; Mickey «Big Claws» Pujol
Voz, washboard : Yoze «Lonesome Bear» Kuervo
Guitarra : Al «Baron of Terror» Casas
Voz, armónicas, guitarras : Nono «Schmoll» Jurado
Batería : Jo «Cool Man» Casas
Voz, guitarra : Jean-Paul «Hot Jaypee» Casas

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