Tony Meehan Birthday March 2nd, 1943

On March 2, 1943 Daniel Joseph Anthony Meehan, artistically known as Tony Meehan, was born in Hampstead, Great Britain.

Meehan is one of the most iconic drums in the history of Rock, with a very personal style, used a typical Jazz drum kit quite small. He started at the age of 12 to play drums. Since 1956 he was in different bands of Skiffle, including The Vipers. He was founder of The Drifters, which later became The Shadows. He was the drummer of the first hits of Cliff Richard & The Shadows, when the band was very prolific editing Rock & Roll songs, such as Move It, High Class Baby, Dynamite! etc… He was part of The Shadows until 1961, when he left the band to become arranger and drummer for Joe Meek’s productions.

Since the beginning of 1962 Jett Harris joined, who had also left The Shadows, forming a duo, which they achieved some successes for the Decca label, one of them was the Diamonds instrumental, which also included Jimmy Page in acoustic guitar. Diamonds got number 1 in the UK. Harris and Meehan had several more successful singles together: Scarlett O’Hara and Applejack, were 2 of them.

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