Town Without Pity 1961 (Gottfried Reinhardt)

Town Without Pity, yes, like the Gene Pitney song, which is part of the magnificent soundtrack, and was nominated for the Oscars. The film is from 1961, and Kirk Douglas is the main actor. The theme covered by the film is rancid and harmful morality, male chauvinism and hate until its final consequences.

4 American soldiers rape a young girl and Kirk Douglas was in charge of the defend the criminals. He’s an integral lawyer, who knows that these individuals deserve the toughest penalty that the law can apply, but without reaching the death penalty, since he defends their abolition.

The film shows how in the town the quarrels and revenges emerge, and make this process destroy the life of the poor victim. A country destroyed after the war, where the Americans want to impart justice in an exemplary way, and the Germans feel humiliated and defeated, having to abide their laws, and to top the moral prejudices of an outdated and male chauvinist society, which poisons everything.

Saving the distances, and apart from the post-war issue, I think we haven’t advanced much since 1961, the issue is more current than ever. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it.

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